Prototyping ideas, mechanics, and experiences for supernatural vr.

Project Overview
Supernatural is a Virtual Reality Fitness and Training app developed by Within. When I got the opportunity to work at Within, I was fortunate enough to work on Supernatural as a VR and Interaction Design Prototyper.

During the development of the project I was often tasked with a variety of problems that allowed me to work closely with different people on the team and have an amazing learning experience.
MY responsibilities
As an interaction Designer and VR prototyper, I got to work on several parts and segments on the project. I was often tasked to create an build new ideas and early playable VR prototypes for the project. Most of my prototypes was to explore ideas, mechanics, user interface and experiences.
I built interactive VR prototypes in Unreal Engine 4 with the use of Blender, Sketch, Photoshop and other design tools.