Prototyping ideas, mechanics, and experiences for supernatural vr.
Project Overview
Supernatural is a Virtual Reality Fitness and Training app developed by Within. I was fortunate enough to work on Supernatural as a VR and Interaction Designer / Prototyper while working at Within.

During the development of the project I was often tasked with a variety of problems that allowed me to closely collaborate with people on the team and have an exceptional learning experience while doing so.
MY responsibilities
As an interaction Designer and VR prototyper, I was able to work on the project in a variety of ways. I was often tasked to create an build new ideas and early playable VR prototypes. Most of my prototypes were build and created to explore ideas, mechanics, user interfaces, and in-app experiences.
I built several interactive VR prototypes in Unreal Engine 4 with the use of Blender, Sketch, Photoshop and other design tools.